Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

Hey folks!

We just published version 2.0 of Sonny 2 on ArmorGames, and there are two new Zones available now! This is the equivalent of the bonus Zone in Sonny 1: There’s not much of a story or voiced dialogue, but there is a lot of challenge for you and your character. I think these new bosses are the hardest I’ve ever designed in an RPG… Even those of you who have level 30 characters saved will find it tough. Here are the list of changes:

Zone 6
A challenging Zone that you can only access after defeating the game on either Challenging or Heroic mode. Includes new sets of items and four new bosses.

Can you defeat the Hydra without damaging him directly? Are you able to win against Clemons solo? Think you can beat the game on Heroic without using a single training fight or repeating a single boss battle? One wrong purchase or Re-spec could be the end of you! New and challenging Achievements have (finally) been implemented. Now you can keep track of all the crazy things you try to do!

Zone 7
The secret Zone. The four hardest bosses in the game. Have fun unlocking and beating it! 😀

General Adjustments
Minor bug and balance fixes. Psycho class can’t pull the Shock Coma trick anymore, because that makes the game too easy. Although I have to say kudos to whoever figured that one out! Hydra fight has been made a bit easier for certain elements.

Screen Shots

That’s all for Sonny 2 now, I hope the updates will keep you satisfied while I take some time to learn AS3 so I can program a new RPG engine that actually has some movement and adventure 😀

Yours Truly,
Krin J