First Look: Llama Adventure


That’s right, I’m making a text-based puzzle adventure.

It’s very small, and decidedly so!  I’m testing out a new concept and I want to make sure it works.  I’ve been working on this new Text-Based Adventure game format that is heavily inspired by SMS text messages and suggestive text input.  All the input starts to autofill as you type and works to help you work through the game as easily as possible.  Start typing keywords and actions and they change colour.  Write longer ones and the code starts making suggestions for you.  It really helps streamline the game.

The problem I’ve had with text games in the past is that it’s really hard to figure out what I am trying to write in the game.  In fact I spend half my time just trying out words to see if they work.  I may just be impatient but that irked me.  I want to help alleviate some of those weird issues.  And since we have a platform like Flash in full-colour and powerful enough to display complex messages in interesting ways I might as well do that!

I must admit, I know nothing about the interactive fiction community.  I know it is huge and that I am possibly treading on toes and taboos but I really curious if my game design would work in an older (dare I say?) game genre.

In Llama Adventure you are a Llama.  You interact with someone named. “Master,” who is putting you through a series of obstacles and “kill rooms,” which are essentially trap-triggered puzzles.  Think Goonies.  Get through all the rooms and live to see another day!

It’s not an epic Interactive Fiction by any means, but it’s a small little title to get my toes wet.  Expect it soon next week, I hope to finish it this week.