Coming very soon, a collaboration between myself and Dim SuperFlashBros, Drastic Plastic is a fun game where you get to PUNCH stuff! Sometimes other robots! In fact Mostly other robots!

Above is the awesometastic splash screen drawn up by Dim for our isometric Robot Slugathon with a hint of Rockem Sockem goodness :D.

So, long time no update, eh? Well here’s a few bits and pieces for you. I’m pleased with how Tentadrill turned out, did you guys enjoy it? Along side Drastic Plastic, I’ve got SHIFT 4 in development stages, me and my regular artist Chris are making headway into that, hopefully for pre Christmas release (fingers crossed!). He’s working on the game’s intro cinematic – that’s right, this one is going to have an intricate plot full of twists and intrigue that will rival Dickens in grandeur and scope… Just kidding, this is SHIFT we’re talking about! While it does have a nice little plot running through it, SHIFTs always been about the gameplay, and the evolution of it between each installment, and I’m so glad you’ve mostly supported the ride and changes it’s taken on board. You guys are the real heroes of the SHIFT tale…

I’ll try to start making more regular updates this Month, yesterday I got an email from Dan about a super duper secret development that I think will be very exciting in the coming year :D.