You can choose between Psycho, Bio, and Hydro.

Hi Guys,

Good news! Sonny 2 is on the verge of completion and I think we can have it out by next Friday πŸ˜€ It will be exclusive on ArmorGames for a while, because we want to fix bugs as they pop up, and also add some extra Zones and content as time goes by. I’ll just go over some of the new features that will be availiable in Sonny 2 so that you know what to expect.

Three Unique Classes
That’s right! This time, each class will actually have their own ability trees. The character skills and stats are also made more versatile, meaning there is more than triple the amount of character builds that you can play with.

My Biological-Poison Build

Loads of New Armor and Items
We’ve axed the class restriction on most items, meaning that you can use almost any item you find with your class now, and build your own set of viable gear that is tailored to your ability spec. Better than grinding for just that one set, right?

One of my team mates with high-end armor.

Difficulty Levels
Three modes of difficulty will be available, meaning you can choose if you want to just glide through the game to see the story, or test your strategy against very challenging bosses and enemies.

Local PvP System
Now you can challenge your friends by battling your characters against each other. You have to be playing on the same computer, but the system allows you to export your character into a text file and load it in any computer.

And that’s more than that, but I’m getting sleepy and I have to get up early to go to Hyde Park tomorrow. I have to finish shooting a little film, and the park is best lit during sunrise.

Talk to you folks later!
<3 Krin

Do you think the A was broken on purpose?