Flight! iOS Update and Giveaway

Flight! iOS Update and Giveaway

No matter what your day has been like, a pocket full of falling stars can put a spring in anyone’s step, and on the way to make a little girl’s holiday wish of seeing her mother come true, you’re going to be covered in stardust from head to toe. Flight!, originally released in 2010 for Flash by Krin (yes, that Krin!), Flight! has been spreading starshine on iOS since 2012. So what better way for us to celebrate the holiday season than with an update and a giveaway? Check out Flight! on iTunes, and view the full changelog and giveaway details below the trailer.

Flight! has been updated with two minor fixes:

    + Fixed the bug which could cause the app to crash on iOS10
    + Updated graphics for new devices (iPhone Plus and iPad Pro)

If you’ve never played Flight!, it’s a launch-based action-arcade game where you guide a paper airplane around the world. You swipe to toss your plane, then direct it to catch stars and other power-ups, using the cash you generate to upgrade your plane to enhance it further, moving to a different location each time you travel far enough. You can still play the original Flight! for free right here in your browser, but on iOS Flight! can go with you wherever you want, plus a host of other improvements, including a shiny new visual style.

From now until January 2nd, we’re going to be giving away free iTunes codes for Flight! on the official Armor Games Facebook or Twitter. To win on Twitter, all you have to do is tweet at us something positive you wish for in the New Year, being sure to tag it #flightcontest, and we’ll randomly select winners throughout the contest period. To win on Facebook, just leave a comment telling us your positive New Year wish on the contest post, and we’ll select random winners until the contest is over. Good luck, and may your New Year be bright!


For more about Flight!, check out Flight! on iTunes, visit the Flight! presskit, play the free Flash browser version, and follow Armor Games on Twitter and Facebook.