Top Five Holiday Games

Top Five Holiday Games

Nothing gets that Christmas mood going like a big stack holiday themed games. For optimal enjoyment, play these games while wearing a Santa hat and at least two sweaters with Christmas trees or snowflakes.


A Bonte Christmas – A Bonte Christmas is a simple game with simple goals, but it’s also the kind of game you’ll spend the entire afternoon playing. All you have to do is deliver sets of colored balls to the house near the top of the screen. Sounds pretty easy, right? Now do all of that while walking around miniature planetoids, wading through snowstorms, and dealing with an angry moose. Collecting items in the correct order is crucial, which means you’ll have to do some thinking and planning before you embark on your collecting quest.


Gibbets: Santa in Trouble – Santa, his reindeer, and the Christmas elves are in trouble. You see, someone decided to hang them up with ropes, and now they’re dangling in the freezing snow slowly losing their health. Fortunately you’re armed with a bow and arrows and can set them free with a single well-placed shot. Or three moderately well-placed shots, depending on your skill. Power-ups and presents give you points and new abilities, but at the end of the day it all comes down to accuracy. It’s the same great Gibbets formula on the surface, yet somehow it’s more entertaining to shoot arrows that narrowly miss Santa’s smiling face.


Into Space 3: Xmas Story – Aliens have ruined Christmas, isn’t that just the worst? Don’t worry, though, you can help the elves get things back on track. All you need is a little luck and a rocket fueled by sweets, something that isn’t completely out of the ordinary in a game like Into Space. Fire the rocket from the launchpad and pilot it through the skies, collecting candy as coinage and avoiding things like storm clouds and elf-piloted helicopters. Bring the loot back to the ground and use it to upgrade your ship so you can actually make it to space and show those aliens a thing or two about the real meaning of Christmas.


Pajama Boy: Snow Adventure – Pajama Boy is a puzzle platform game about a boy who loves the snow but can’t go out and play because he’s sick. Hey, we’ve all been there, right? Jump across spikes, dodge cannons, climb walls, and navigate spinning ice traps to reach the key and exit through the locked door. Be prepared to fail about a dozen times before you get things right, as this game demands near perfect platforming and fast reflexes. It may be a little light on the Christmas theming, but you can’t go wrong with snow and hot cocoa and icy spikes.


Infectonator – Christmas Edition – Nothing says “holiday spirit” like killing pixel people wearing Santa hats and watching their zombie corpses rise to kill again. The Infectonator series is a whole lot of click-based fun. Add a Christmas theme to it and it’s still a lot of fun, only now it’s… well, it’s weird, sometimes, but that’s kind of the point. Infect citizens who just won’t shut up about the joyous time of year, collect the coins they drop, and use the loot to upgrade your weapons and abilities. The perfect game to vent your frustrations after hearing Jingle Bells for the 500th time this week.


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