Gemcraft VS Cursed Treasure

Gemcraft VS Cursed Treasure


The Forgotten has once again broken free of her prison. I can feel other wizards racing her to the Spiritforge.

A ghastly archdemon summoned by mistake in times long past, the Forgotten possesses power far beyond that of any mortal. It was our greatest folly to bring her into this world, for she can neither be destroyed nor banished, only contained for a time by the Gem of Eternity.



Though it pains me to abandon my village, I must leave to join the effort to contain her. The path before me will not be without its trials, however, as I will be beset upon every step of the way by the endless hordes of monsters released by the Forgotten to destroy all who oppose her.



Yet horrific as these creatures are, they pale in comparison to the abominations she’ll unleash upon us if she succeeds in reaching her goal.

As a wizard however, I am not defenseless. For I wield the power of gem crafting, the art of imbuing precious stones with destructive magic.



To enchant a gem, I must place it high up in a tower where it will be safe from…wait, who’s that?



“This gem is so beautiful! I must have it! I must have them all! Come, fellow heroes. Let us climb these towers and take these gems for ourselves!”

Heroes? You seek to steal my wizardly gems and yet call yourselves heroes?

“Of course! Everyone knows that home invasion and theft are the basis of all heroism. It worked for Link, anyway. While we’re at it, do you have any pots we can smash?”

Fools! You lust after my gems as if they were mere baubles to be sold. Don’t you realize there will be no one left alive to buy them if the Forgotten isn’t stopped? Very well, if you insist, then feel the wrath of a wizard!

“Arrrghhhh! Run away!”

Don’t Touch My Gems!



With four games in the series, Gemcraft is among the most well-known tower defense games of all time. You’d be forgiven for not knowing the order they were released in, though. Chapter Zero comes second after Chapter One, whereas Chapter Two is the fourth game in the series! And according to developer Peter at Game in a Bottle, work on the fifth game (presumably to be called Chapter Three) has recently begun. Flash game development is a slow process though, and no release date for the next chapter has been announced. So if you start today you should still have time to catch up on any story from the previous chapters you might have missed!

Another popular tower defense series, Cursed Treasure includes three games from Russian developer IriySoft. Unlike Gemcraft however, where the gems are your tools to fight off hordes of monsters, in Cursed Treasure you play a villain fighting off heroes trying to steal your gems.

So if playing the goody-goody hero in Gemcraft isn’t to your taste, then give Cursed Treasure a try instead!

So that’s it, then. Two beloved tower defense games about gems! Who do you think would win if the heroes from Cursed Treasure went up against the wizard from Gemcraft? Let us know in the comments below!


Author: Philip Brown