Glitches Are Features... right?

I believe it was Will Wright, creator of the SimCity, Sims, and Spore franchise that was set on the fact that glitches in gaming were “features, not bugs.”  It’s a funny way of thinking about it, but it’s really hard to explain this to the everyday viewer.  Quite honestly, I can barely understand it either.

A recent video from EA games does a very good job explaining this phenomenon.

Wow, this was just about the most well-played response to a fan video ever.

Anyway, when I program my games the random user #44,349 always tends to find a random glitch or error in a game.  They send me an email telling me how much they [loved, hated] the game and how the [glitch, bug, error] made their gameplay that much more [terrible, awesome, exciting, blah].  These bug reports are really helpful, and we’ll fix them.

So whenever you do see a bug on an Armor Games game, try hitting up the author.  We are usually down to earth with the community so if you send us an email we’ll usually fix the bug (sometimes even credit you!).  I know that the first 72 hours I usually get a bug report that is so perplexing I could never understand how someone would arrive at it.

And yes, it’s a feature, not a bug.   So [deal with it, enjoy it, tell us about it].