The Arrow of Time

Hey folks, long time no post!

After a string of smaller games, Tom and I decided (or someone decided) we should knuckle down and come up with something big and exciting, like we used to in the good old days, hehe…

So I’m writing about the latest game from The Super Flash Bros, “The Arrow of Time”. Bow shooting games are popular, thats a fact. People love the simplicity of Bowman and ther crazy defense action of Bowmaster Prelude.

So Tom and I thought we’d take our own personal touch to the genre and make some crazy massive defense bow shooting game.

Its got 5 levels, 5 bosses, loooads of enemies, a story, lots of upgrades and actually hundreds of potential weapon types. Basically Tom came up with a really clever system of combing different powers to create new ones. It means people can experiment with the stuff they unlock forever! It was supposed to be a fairly simple looking game but as soon as I got my hands on it I went crazy and designed a million sprites, all destructable and stuff.

We’ve even got Evan Merz back to do some stunning music for it! This is going to rock!


More stuff soon!