Halo 3 Tournament - In Perspective

Halo 3 ImageWe play a lot of Halo 3 at the office after work. It’s a lot of fun, and we really take it semi-casually, semi-competitively. We strike a pretty good balance there, and it’s been enjoyable.

Per the Cyber Atheletic League website, a tournament has just been declared to find the best Halo 3 player on Planet Earth. When I first heard of this massive competition, the first thought that came to mind was, “Wow, everyone is going to be massively good at this game at that tournament.”

I then started to ponder what it would actually be like playing in a tournament like that. I play a lot of Halo 3, and by a lot, I mean about 2 hours a night. A lot of people work part-time jobs for that long, and here I am trying to master the Battle Rifle and running away from Spartan lasers. I then look at the people who have played nearly 6-8 hours a day since it’s release, and I realize that for them, Halo is more like a full-time job.

I then wonder what it’s like for the people in this tournament. These people must be the equivalent of those who sleep under their desk every night so that they can save time on their commute… those who will bring a pot of coffee to their desk so they can work three days straight.

Of course, what if? The top prize is $250,000 USD, which is nearly 6 times the average household salary. Maybe Halo 3 can be job…

My Halo 3 Record