Actionscript 3.0 frustration!

For the past few days, I have been aggravated by a bizarre bug that was popping up in Space Lasers. For some reason, interactive game elements that highlight when selected were not highlighting with every click. It was more like every other click… or every other, other, other click. Blargh! Nothing in my code seemed out of place, and I even tried to emulate it in a test file. No dice.

FINALLY… I figured out that if a TextField is at a higher depth in a DisplayObject’s display list and is “covering” a display object with MouseEvent listeners attached to it, the TextField absorbs most of the MouseEvents. All I had to do was adjust the display list order of my root DisplayObject to fix the glitch. HOURS OF AGGRAVATION over a ridiculous Flash 9.0 Player discrepency! Hooargh!!

I think I’m most frustrated that I couldn’t find anything like this in the Adobe KnowledgeBase/Forums.

Just another bump on the road to mastering Actionscript 3.0.