Hands of War 3 Launched

**UPDATE: Hands of War 3 has launched!**

Axis Games is hard at work at putting finishing polish on Hands of War 3, and we have a new video and screenshots of the next game in the epic RPG series.

Set in the land of Tempor and taking place directly after the events in Hands of War Tower Defense. The invaders have been pushed back, but the Heartstone is still powerless.  Questions remain regarding the origin of the attackers, as well as the sudden absence of power from the Heartstone.

The focus of Hands of War 3 will be the idea of a united Tempor.  Instead of embarking on a solo journey, you must make allegiances with fellow champions of other factions.  Once you have the reputation they will join your party, allowing you to manage their equipment, abilities and the role they will play in the story to come.

You can read more about factions and champions.


Intro Video: