Kingdom Rush Update

For you tower defense fans out there, Ironhide Game Studio has released an update for Kingdom Rush including new levels, enemies and heroes for those that have donated to the game.  Also be sure to check out the new hard mode.


Ulguk-Hai the Troll Warlord has united the Ha’Kraj trolls under one banner and is threatening the good citizens of Linirea! General is time to take up arms again, pack your winter gear and head to the Glacial Heights to face the Ha’Kraj nation!


  • 2 new stages: Face the Ha’Kraj trolls at their home turf!
  • 3 new enemies: Challenge the mightiest trolls and their surprise tactics.
  • 2 new heroes: Shred them to pieces as Ingvar the Viking werebear or freeze their souls with Eloras Wintersong magics.
  • New HARD MODE! Yes, for those looking for a challenge!
  • 5 new achievements!
  • News system to keep you updated on everything related to Kingdom Rush!
  • Minor bug fixes.