Have you played Pirateers yet?

Avast! Pirateers is a new pirate-based game is currently rockin’ the AG home page with a player rating of 8.8 out of 10, and is quickly closing in on the million-plays mark. Not bad for a game out for less than a week!

Pirateers has you sailing the high seas, battling ships with fire and cannon shot, and building a reputation as a formidable sea captain. Reminiscent of Sid Meier’s Pirates!, the sea battles have you weaving your ship back-and-forth to stay out of range of cannon-shot until you can broadside your foes and let loose your cannons. Be patient, build a fast ship, and take them down with barrage after barrage of shot.

Defeating enemy ships means gold (and other treasure), and gold means upgrading your ship. Here Pirateers doesn’t disappoint. The game offers core upgrades of speed, carrying capacity, reload time, and firepower, plus a host of special upgrades to trick out your ship and configure it the way you want it. Fireballs? Check! Speed-sapping oil slick? Check! Can you ignite the oil slick with your fireballs? You betcha! Plus get other upgrades like a battering ram, megashot, and special shield to pimp your ride even more.

A quick way to advance is to accept missions, with each mission each offer bounties upon completion. Hunting down pirates, attacking trade vessels and sea-side forts, and discovering hidden treasure all reward you with additional pieces of gold, increasing your strength and infamy.

All good things must come to an end, and in Pirateers, the end game has you battling mono-e-mono with a kracken. Attack him too early, and he’ll make quick work of you. Play it smart, build up your armaments, and use strategy to defeat the lord of the seas.

So what are you waiting for, ye salty dawg?!