How good is your brain?! Axon might give you a clue

In Axon, one of the latest fast-paced games on Armor Games, your goal is to connect to new brain regions and grow your neuron as long as possible. You achieve this by clicking on protein targets, extending your reach, and climbing up through the tissue. The reach of target shrinks quickly, so you have to grow fast or you’ll get stuck (and end the game). Much clicking ensues. Games are fast and furious. How far can you make it?

Besting rival neurons

Competing for the same protein targets are rival neurons. The red neurons will appear and steal your targets, forcing you to set a path around them. But watch out; you can only reach targets within the jump range of your current target, and the red neurons can occupy critical spots and block your growth.


Axon offers several power-ups:

♦ RANGE – vastly increase the size of your circle of influence

♦ FORCE – boost instantly upward

♦ FREEZE – provides a 1-second delay before the circle of influence begins to contract and will freeze rival neurons if they’re within range

♦ CHAIN FORCE – the ultimate boost upwards but you must sequentially connect all chain force targets


Beautiful simplicity

Axon is beautiful in it’s simplicity, with organic shapes and a restricted color palette. Before knowing the subject, I might have thought the game was about plant growth, or maybe charting a rocket’s path through space.

Learn more

Axon was created to support a free exhibition about the human brain at wellcome collection in the UK. You can learn more about it here: