Hedgehog Launch Contest Winner!

We have some additional video verification going on from protested scores, stay tuned (John, 10/21)

Whew, Summer was busy.  So busy that we forgot to judge the contest!  Fear not, here are the results!

Congrats to Jordon for his $2,940,000 run!

After verifying all the entrants, it was determined that some of the gamers here decided to tweak a few variables ;).  There are limits in the game to how many of specific platforms appear in certain areas, and for some users videos they had to be disqualified due to the game rendering too many platforms of a certain type.

Congrats to the runner-ups as well!

Jcat – 1,900k

EDM – 989k

Silverfire – 937k

Gabriel – 858k

Now that it’s Fall we’ll have more time to do some more timely contests, so stay in touch!  We might have some level editing competitions, maybe another Compulse competition?  We’ll see!