Hello everyone!

My name is Krin, and I’ve just recently joined the Armor Games development team 🙂 I’m really excited so I just had to post on this blog.

I’ll just introduce myself really quickly! I’m an Art & Design student in London, but I’m originally from Thailand. I sort of just woke up from a deep sleep that lasted for 2 years (I signed away my soul to the devil for High School) but University is a lot nicer to me so here I am! I’ve looked around at what people have been up to recently on the Flash-front, just checking out the competition and that, and it’s quite disturbing to see how fast ideas and technology has progressed! (I’m hoping I can still keep up with my lackluster programming knowledge… I haven’t learnt a single new technique since my last game was released…)
My favorite PC games come from Blizzard, and so I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from them, which explains why my genre of work usually falls under RPG or Strategy. Currently I’m trying to finish off a new RPG project for December, and I really hope I can make it in time! I hate it when I miss deadlines…

Apart from that I’m just getting used to London, and cooking my own food (Oh dear…) since I’m living in a dorm now, and I’m missing my Piano and my dog 🙁 But it is a really refreshing atmosphere to be in, and the people I meet here are either quite cool or just plain weird (it is Art school…so being weird here is quite common, not that it is a bad thing!)

That’s all I can say for now, next time I post here I’ll have something to show you from the RPG project I’m working on!

:: Krin