I Love You Trigonometry

Trig Love For the past 4-5 years, I have somehow escaped making Flash game without an ounce of Trigonometry. Sure, there has been the occasional code snippet here or there; but quite frankly, I have manged to strut willy-nilly across the web for 32 game releases without having to use it.  I feel like a fugitive for my escape.

Trig is slowly coming back to me from High School.  I took it Junior year, and took physics in Senior year.  Together, they form a cloudy outline of how things work in real life, so trying to piece them back together is difficult.  James has been pushing me along, which has been very helpful… but wow, sites like Wikipedia and Flashkit have really been pushing me along to figure out these physics.

I have been working for the past day on a new game concept.  The main protagonist is a cute fluffy bunny, who shoots lasers from her eyes (think of Dad’s Home).  The bunny gets around by swinging on ropes, shot from a grappling gun (think Batman).  I don’t quite know why this is going to happen, but a bunny who kicks butt sounds like a good idea.  I also would like to get back on track to actually making lovable characters; it’s really hard to get attached to bright particles.  Should be done in a few weeks, I’ll post updates as they come!