Hello Everyone

Hey, Fil here.

I am the new member of the Armor Games team! I am really excited to be part of this great gaming community! Right now I do many different things ranging from helping out around the office, to helping out with the website and the online community. I used to create websites on Flash and messed around with animations a lot, but that was when Flash was in it’s Bronze age. As soon as I get some more time (when my Finals are over next week) I’ll hopefully start fidgeting around with Flash some more, and maybe you will see some games by “Flipski” on Armor Games sometime (hopefully soon 🙂 ).

I have a busy week ahead of me. Finals are coming up, and I need to study for a bunch of modern physics, and electronics courses I’m taking. No, fun…well kinda…but not during finals. However, I’ll be thinking up ideas for some cool games, and If I come up with some good ones, I will keep you all posted. And maybe get some feedback on which ideas are good and which ones sound like a joke :). I look forward to getting more involved online and, as I get more situated, with developing games of my own ! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Bye for now,