Point-and-click Passion

Hey, Dim here again. I wanna show you all the main reason I ended up doing this kind of work.


This game, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is the beginning of it all. It wasn’t the first game I played but the it was probably the first that I really felt connected to. Anyway, You’ve all seen people raving about it before. Its a classic LucasArts adventure game, a genre that has sadly become very rare these days. The genre itself, along with Capcom’s Phoenix Wright, caused Tom and I to create our own homage game, “Detective Grimoire”. We’re planning on, one day, producing a sequel to that game but right now all plans are still just ideas, and thats the way I like it. I did draw up a couple of backgrounds for a possible Grimoire 2, though. I won’t show them all but here’s one…Its only small because I don’t want to give away too much of it.


This was one of the styles I developed, a filter heavy, detailed style that seemed to work sometimes and other times look horrible. I really wanted to produce something a little more stylised, in the way that Monkey Island 3 does it. But you know, original.


Anyway, I love playing games like these and my favourite Flash incarnation of the genre is Holy-Howard’s Legacy of Pliskin”. The games have a wonderful charm to them and the voicework really delivers the sort of atmosphere that makes these games great. If you’ve got a minute, go play them! (particularly part 2). The graphics aren’t amazing but theres definately a certain amount of care that has gone into it. It looks like a Flash game but it feels as cool as an old fashioned PC game.

If you’re a fellow Adventure game fan and you’re a little sad to see that Lucasarts seems to have given up with the genre, don’t worry! There are a fair few Point-and-clicks on the way. The most exciting of all has to be “A Vampyre Story” By Autumn Moon Entertainment. Its all hand-drawn – very little 3D. It seems to be a completely old fashioned point-and-click adventure! You’ve probably never heard of Autumn Moon Entertainment but don’t worry – Its headed by Bill Tiller, an ex-Lucasarts genius who was behind games like “The Dig.”