I Admit It

Particles PictureOkay, I have a problem. I cannot help it, and I am admitting it now. I am ready to tell my friends, family members, and the Flash community. Here it goes…I have a particle addiction *sigh*.

Wow, that was a lot to get off my chest. But for the past three days, I have been working on a game that comprises of nothing but shooting particles at each other. Burst (working title) fits it’s name well, because there are about 100-200 particles shooting across the screen at any given time.

I usually manage to sneak particles into the rest of my games, or even center particles in the game (for example, Ellipsis or Spin Doctor). But this game is going to be climax of the particle engines I have been making. This game can get nuts, and I can’t wait to release it in the coming days.