Space Lasers: back in the green zone.

My code finally works! Ding dong the trig is dead. May it die in a fire! Joy upon joy into infinity. Everything works as it should. Beams are reflected at the correct angles, filters change the color of a beam but maintain its trajectory, and splitters send the beams into a flurry of different angles. All that’s left is a collision detection algorithm for bouncing elements off of asteroids, but that’s crazy easy, yo. Crazy easy.

Now I finally get take off my sport jacket, don my red sweater vest, slip into a comfy pair of Tasmanian bunny slippers and ease back into my armchair of desire with a bowl full of Lucky Charms and a piping hot cup of Joe. At least, that’s what it feels like to FINALLY use this expensive Wacom tablet for the first time in 3 weeks. I’m back in art, baby, and it feels GREAT! Like putting on an old jock strap. Constrictive at first, but comfortably protective after a few laps around the endzone.

As promised, here are all of my whiteboards for those aspiring programmers/artists to muse over. As well as a preview of the artwork for ‘Space Lasers’… or.. ‘Lasers in Space’… I dunno. I’ll come up with a name by next week. And with luck, the game will be finished by then too! Don’t mind the lack of color. I still need to come up with a decent color scheme.

Whiteboard 2 Whiteboard 3
Space lasers artwork (semi-final draft)