ITank A.E., Shift 2 on Fox and more.

I haven’t made a post in a while here on the Blog, though I keep meaning to.

So I have a few things to make note of. First things first I’ve just been informed by Dan that Shift 2 was featured on the Fox program found at the link below. Continuing on the mainstream success of Shift, the UK’s largest PC magazine, PC Zone features an article on the original Shift, as well as featuring it on their Demo Disk. This is all great coverage for us, and its all thanks to our visitors 😀

I’ve also recently released IndestructoTank A.E., on the one year anniversary of my first major successful game, IndestructoTank. You may remember it came second in the Armor contest before last, and begun the lad up to me joining this great work team at Armor, and I can vouch for it, if you are considering applying to the post’s advertised on this blog, you won’t regret it.

Speaking of recent releases, my other game, Scoregamites has been met with mostly praise, which I’m glad for, as it’s based on the people at my old university course, and a semi apology for me leaving them in the lurch for their last year :p

And what of the future? When Dan suggested last month that he’d like a kind of game in the same vein as a bowman title. As I’ve been looking for an excuse to resurrect my first game series, Sleepless Knight, by transforming her into a medieval sniper assassin in a sweet stealth type engine. Here’s a screenie 😀