Juggling Games

And before you get yourselves excited, unfortunately, I’m not talking about a game where you have to Juggle stuff :p

This past week I’ve been working simultaneously on 4 games, it’s exhilarating. For most of the Time, I’ve been working on Dans latest request, Armor Academy, which I feel has turned out great. As well as that I’ve been preparing the Cattlepult players pack (which has some major changes and improvements over the first) and as well as those I’ve created an awesome Christmas Platform game engine which will feel incredibly familiar to anyone who has played Super Mario Bros 1 for the Nes. I’ve even programmed it in a way similar to how those Genius programmers of the late 80’s squeezed the power out of the Nes, by building levels in dynamic scrolling tiles. I’m incredibly excited about this one and can see it being a major hit with the flash community.

There will be another blog post soon with how they’ve done.

Duke of Danger,

Santa Game Preview