XO Laptop Visits the Office

XO LaptopThese little laptops are adorable, and definitely go towards a good cause. As part of the “One Laptop per Child” campaign, a donation of $400 will donate one laptop to a child in a developing nation, and one to yourself! Armor Games recently donated and received one of the first of these small, children-sized laptops.

I have to say, as a $200 laptop, these things are pretty robust. A little unintuitive at first due to it’s own unique operating system, it becomes very easy to use after opening up a few programs. It has built-in wifi, the ability to reach the internet and other computers, and is loaded with tons of programs. The screen is vibrant, but I found out that it can be used with the LCD backlight off in a well-lit room. The most amazing thing on here is the ability to use a program similar to GarageBand on the mac, with the ability to make your own music from premade samples. I am also a huge fan of the “Virtual Tape Measure” program, which measures the distance between two laptops. It’s amazing.

Newgrounds.com also recently purchased one of these laptops, and hopefully you will too! It would still make a nice Christmas present for a friend or child, and would contribute to a great cause.