Lords of the Arena Starter Guide

Hello young Lords and Ladies! Have you embarked on your first mission to become ruler of The Arena? Are you looking to uncover the skills and techniques to up your game to the next level? Or are you just starting out and you’re looking for the best way to dive right in? We have gathered a number of resources for basic, budding or burgeoning players and everything between. Please take a look!

Starting Guides:

Beginning Guide – For the players who are just starting out. Those looking for the basics of building their team of heroes, going over introductory upgrade paths as well as discussing combat tactics for new enemies as they arrive.

Hero Upgrade Guide – This starter guide goes over tips and tricks for particular builds for your heroes, pros and cons for each method provided, as well as examples of team compositions and hero builds as well!

Hero Stars Guide – Once you’ve found your path, this guide will detail which heroes would need their “stars” upgraded. It is best to go through the previous two guides provided before moving onto this one. As you will find greater benefit if you already have a build-path, or team composition in mind.

Additionally, we wanted to give a few looks at live game-play as it happens. The following displays the first few levels and allows a first look at what some enemies, build paths and hero compositions might look like. 

PROAPK – Showcases the introductory stages to the game.

K-Gaming – Covers a bit further into the introduction, while showing another perspective on composition

We hope that you found these resources helpful, and if you find yourself wanting to learn more, feel free to check out the game here, or by inquiring either on their Homepage or Official Facebook Page.

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