Top 10 Puzzle Games

Its been over a year since we last released our Top 10 Puzzle games for Armor Games, and we wanted to revisit the list to see what may have changed over the past year. Did last years favorites manage to hold their position against the test of time, or have a litany of new contenders risen up to meet this new call to action?

*~~ If a series of games, or a particular developer would otherwise be on this list more than once. We will include the most noteworthy series or title, and include the other titles in the honorable mentions found near the end. ~~*

Link It Up

In this game you need to Link Up the line to make your way through the level. The line has its own variants. There’s a normal, black line that works as you expect it to work. It just allows you to go from point A to point B in a straight forward way. There’s also a bouncy, blue line. If you fall on this line it will bounce you off higher and higher. Link It Up! with 30 levels with marry interesting puzzles with cool platforming challenges.

Circloo 2

Circloo 2 and its predecessor by Flori9 are colorful physics platformers where you must roll yourself, the small-ball, around to gather your friends to expand the circle you call home. All-the-while avoiding or using the obstacles peppering the levels to gain height and navigate the ever-changing board-state. As it grows, everything stays in the level, so you’ll have to avoid and use obstacles as the challenges rise to meet you. 


Debug.Mode is an intuitive puzzle game in which you have to fix all corrupted computers so as to solve level. It includes many different tiles exploiting clever behaviors – enjoying a retro aesthetic. Time plays against you – you have only 60 seconds to do the job. 50 levels are available. Brain required ++


Another puzzle game for you from veteran game designer, BonteGames. Can you fill the screen with the titular color? Each of the twenty-five levels operate with their own type of logic and reasoning. Will you be able to reach the end and fill-in the gaps along the way?


Hexa Knot is a game that inspired several others like it. Challenging, minimalistic puzzles with simple rules throughout; set to a relaxing, spa-like soundtrack. Swap hexes and make colourful knots for as long as your heart desires.

Quantum of Light

Guide the Photon flows towards the target Crystal in this tranquil educational puzzle. Click to rotate the in-game tiles and change the angle of rebounding in order to navigate the photon flow properly. With each success you will be rewarded with a piece of knowledge about Electromagnetic Spectrum and the “invisible” for the human eye. Complete all 24 levels and open all pages from the Encyclopedia of Light!

Unpuzzle 2

This puzzle-game classic was last years winner for top puzzle-skill games on the site. This iconic title by kekgames tasks you with undoing the puzzle piece by piece, with rules that apply as the puzzles grow and expand to become more complex. Poke and prod at individual pieces until eventually the path becomes clear!


You awaken with your feet hitting the ground running. Lacking information, with only the ability to rotate gravity paving the path, you traverse a series of test chambers. As you complete these challenges, the rogue intelligence running the facility reveals your purpose. And your time is almost up.

Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker returns with 40 new levels, 4 speed-running options, a stack editor, revamped graphics and more. Can you stack the shapes without any falling off the screen? Remember, your stack must survive 10 seconds or until the shapes feel happy that they won’t fall.

Honorable Mention:


Rogues Like Beer


Brain Creator

Dangerous Adventure 2

Doodle God 2

Placing 4th overall in 2018, the tenacious Doodle God 2 and its fellows in the series have found the correct combination of materials to reach the eyes and good graces of the majority of our users. Gifted with the forces of the elements at your disposable, as a new deity, you are tasked with starting your new world off on the right foot. Players can take their time, dictate their own criteria for success and maneuver as freely as they would like in this puzzle classic that inspired millions.

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