Mr Walters Grand Launch

Walters Launch

Well, a month of work resulted in this beauty!  Mr Walters Grand Excursion is the first platformer that I have done in about three years.  Most of my games center around a bizarre amount of pixels, but this one is completely different from what I do normally.

In the game, you play a speedy Mr. Walters, bent on getting back his carrot supply from the king.  In the process you can pick up the carrots he has scattered on levels, and help a few friends along the way.

The main feature of the game is a grappling hook, which allows you to swing from platform to platform!  This style of gameplay is rarely seen in the Flash community, and I think I know why.  I spent a solid 3-4 days just working on the swinging mechanic, and it is extremely difficult to code!  It requires a swinging motion relative to a weakening sine wave, which is harder than it sounds.  The rope swinging works well in my perspective, after all that work!

The game features 10 levels and a final boss level.  Hopefully you can pick up some of the achievements along the way… each achievement you get will unlock an outfit for him to wear (except for the first outfit, which are the clothes he is wearing at the time!).  There is also one hidden achievement… see if you can find it!  I’ll give you one of the achievements now though… travel 88 kph and the first one is yours.

Good luck, have fun!  This game really challenged my coding experience, and I hope it shows in the final product.  I also got to do a lot of animation too, which I enjoyed!