Reflections on the New and Old

With the launch of the new site; there is a sense of wonder, delight and accomplishment; but there is also a mourning and sense of sadness for the site I ran for the last couple of years. It’s been tough to let the old site go; knowing that it was stable and established.

Here are some of my favorite and least favorite things about the old site.

*Long list of games on the homepage
*Cheesy graphics that represented the Medieval theme of the site
*Having to update the site manually through dreamweaver so I could learn HTML

Least Favorite:
*The run-on list of games on the homepage
*80’s design to the layout and images
*having to update the site manually

As you can see, it was an off/on relationship. Lastly, to compare the New and the Old, I printed out both home pages and hung them side by side. See any differences?? 😀

new website