Never Give Up Coming Soon!

Never Give Up Coming Soon!

Launching on August 13th for Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac. We are proud to showcase Massive Monster’s Never Give Up! This successor to the classic flash series, Give Up, it includes over 150 stages, huge boss-battles, dozens of collectibles, and even full voice acting by none other than Egoraptor! Find our more about Never Give Up below:

    From the creators of the brutal and beloved web series enjoyed by millions of players, comes the latest installment of hardcore, twitch-based platforming. Every time you beat a level, another element is layered in to make it even harder. Buzzsaws? Guided missiles? Killer Rhinobots? When the going gets tough, the tough don’t quit!

    Never Give Up is the sort of hardcore platformer where one wrong move means a violent demise, but don’t let that stop you. As the challenge grows so will your skills, navigating treacherous stages filled with peril and nasty surprises. It may seem impossible, but even when you’ve been splattered across the ceiling for the umpteenth time, when the blood boils over and you want to break your keyboard…just remember the name of the game:

    For the latest updates, wishlist Never Give Up on Kartridge and Steam, visit the official website, the official press-kit, and follow Massive Monsters and Armor Games on Twitter.

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