Developer Spotlight - Flori9

Developer Spotlight - Flori9

We at Armor Games like to champion developers who wear their passion through their projects.Today we’ll be taking a look at an up-and-coming developer, Florian van Strien, otherwise known by his handle Flori9. Florian is a developer from the Netherlands who dabbles in webgames; known for their marriage of classic pixel art and tactical game-play often with a focus on strategic movement and unit placement.

Florian has been active in the gaming scene for nearly 8 years now. They have created expansive and interesting iterations of iconic gaming mechanics and these ideas have been spread across a wide spectrum of different web-platforms and genres.  Florian’s latest title, The Final Earth 2, going so-far-as winning Kongregate’s Top Games of June, 2019 contest.


Upon winning Florian mentioned that “[They] just repeatedly added something that would be fun [for them] to make and that might be a nice game. This method may have made the game a bit less cohesive…however, it did make it really fun to work on the game, [and] I do hope it shows, at least a little bit” and it does. The passion is palpable, and well woven into the various visual and experiential nuances that his titles embody.

While The Final Earth 2 was Flori9’s first victory, Stop the Darkness placed in the top five for August 2018, and the titles Flori9 has on Armor Games average a total score of 9.0, without a single title dropping below an 8.0 rating.

You can find Flori9’s following titles here on Armor Games:

Circloo and Circloo 2 are colorful physics platformers where you must roll yourself, the small-ball, around to gather your friends to expand the circle you call home. All-the-while avoiding or using the obstacles peppering the levels to gain height and navigate the ever-changing board-state.

Stop the Darkness is a strategy game which places a simple goal at the end of a complex path; you must upgrade the land to Stop the Darkness. There are a variety of upgrade paths made available based on the adjacent areas and what has been built on the surrounding land, with multiple ways to achieve victory! And after you’ve staved off the darkness, continue playing in Extended mode, which further expands the upgrade paths and even a new way to win!

The earth has become unlivable. Gather resources, plot your course, build, research, and pave your own path to a better future! You will start with only a few citizens, but others will soon arrive. Start small, work on basic needs and happiness of your people, before long you will be making sprawling metropolis which span across multitudes of planets. Space travel, Teleportation, there might even be a secret society…how will you save humanity?

For future and additional details on Flori9’s other works feel free to check them out on their official website, or other gaming networks:

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