Press the Button Guide

Press the Button Guide

In truefire87c’s newest title “Press the Button” players are under a constant barrage of an unrelenting, enigmatic command that only the most skilled of gamers could hope to overcome.  Our hope with this guide is to provide a means to break through the difficult skill-ceiling the game offers.

When the game first loads, don’t be daunted by the unending terror that is the infinite abyss. Take hold of your mouse, or mouse-like-substitute, and ready yourself in the “clicking” position. I like to use both hands for additional control.

When you’ve steeled your resolve, and steadied your hand. Press down on your clicker of choice, and you’ve done it! Congratulations!

In case the instructions were too difficult to follow, I have included a handy inforgraphic seen below


Looking for more in-depth tips or tricks? Leave a comment below and let people know how you are getting that button pressed.