Top 5 Scary Games

Top 5 Scary Games

With Halloween quickly approaching, we would like to highlight some of our more terror inducing stories and adventures living within Armor Games.  These titles can challenge your ability to problem solve under high-stress situations and while opening your eyes to the greater narrative within.


Killer Escape

The Killer Escape series and its sequels, are a suspense-based point and click adventure by Psionic Games.  Much like other Escape games of similar creation, the goal of the game is to explore the environment presented to you while collecting noteworthy objects along the way. These objects are used to solve logic puzzles scattered throughout the levels which unlock new pathways not previously explored, though in some cases the game may have multiple solutions offered to a single problem. Do you have what it takes to make it out alive? 

Play Killer Escape and its other titles here

Don’t Escape

Scriptwelder’s franchise, Don’t Escape and its sequels put a spin on the Escape style point-and-click adventures; reversing the narrative typically found in games such as these. Rather than being trapped within a confined space and seeking a means to get out, you are a troubled soul, looking to find a way to ensure you are effectively bound before your curse overtakes you come nightfall.

Formatted in a familiar object-collecting to puzzle-solving style, the game allows for multiple endings to be found based on the degree by which you choose to explore. Each story is loosely connected to one another, with a fourth title on it’s way. 

You can find Don’t Escape and it’s sequels here.


Sequester by Tonyis a platformer with suspense and horror elements that does well to marry a central narrative to the genre. You follow the dreams of a boy, looking to find the meaning behind his strange isolation.  The story unfolds along the backdrop of your adventure as you maneuver yourself along the stage; leaving a hollow, lingering sense of discomfort in its atmosphere.

Can you get to the bottom of these strange dreams and solve the mysteries they hold, or will you be forever lost, left to wander the endless labyrinth of your own mind. Sequester yourself this Halloween, and break free of this nightmare.

Try Sequester here

The Last Door

The Last Door is a four part narrative adventure by TheGameKitchen, reminiscent of a simpler time in gaming. With gameplay focusing away from graphics and honing in mainly on puzzle solving and narrative interaction, the game paints a pixelated horror story akin to a Lovecraftian mystery.

Give The Last Door a shot here.

Deep Sleep

Making the list for a second time, Scriptwelder’s more classic escape adventure, Deep Sleep, and its sequels, move away from the more unique style of the Don’t Escape series.  Stuck inside a nightmarish dreamscape, with something lurking among the darkness, the player must compete against this faceless entity if they have any hope of waking from this nightmare. Someone is certain to escape from this dream, the only question is who?

Dive into the nightmare with Deep Sleep here.


These are just a few of the thrilling Halloween titles we have haunting Armor Games. Keep your eyes peeled for our other releases leading up to Halloween day; we’ll be posting updates to our Twitter and Facebook pages as they arise.

Have a favorite Halloween themed web-game that is certain to scare your pants off? Are there any horror games you feel are missing from our hallowed-halls? Leave a comment and let us know what it takes to really scare you!