Rick Rolled...I Mean... Red Ringed

What a day what a day what a day.

I’ve been busy all day finishing up the levels for the Assassin Bow Woman game, which should be ready soon, although a few snags have been hit, but this morning I decided to get the engine done for the other game I’d like out this month, a game that lends heavily from the “Match 3” genre but then smashes it into the “Mouse Avoider” genre like there’s no tomorrow, it’s looking kind of nice, and more updates on that soon.

In slightly more infuriating news, my XBox decided to join the ranks of the other 33% failure rates of Microsoft’s PC/Console lovechild. Now I face the dilemma of Microsoft Customer Service or having a pop at repairing it myself. Time allowing, I’d prefer the latter.

Oh Mr XBox, how I loved you.

And here is a pic of me, my Girlfriend Lucy, and daughter Ella showing off my Stylish Shift 2 Shirt I recieved for my 21st from my dear Mother. This is for those of you who would like to see behind the scenes for one of the Armor Staff, and chide him over how badly he needs a haircut.

Would you buy one? The Shirt, not the baby.

I was also considering doing a proper Shift shirt design myself in high resolution, what would you guys think about something like that being available to purchase? Would you be interested? If not, suggest what *could* make you consider such a purchase.