Obsessive Compulse Tournament


Tournament Updates:

May 12 – Winners Announced!

May 6 – Update #2

April 28 – Update #1


You think you are good at Compulse? Well we want to see just how good you are in the official Obsessive Compulse Tournament! Play through each level of the new tournament edition game. The players with the best score will win some awesome prizes!

Play the NEW 30 level set released today (it’s really, really hard) and try to get the lowest score possible.

Compulse is a game where you drop directional tiles on the screen to direct a ball through the level. As you advance through the game the levels get trickier and it becomes a game of using the least amount of tiles to get through each level. With the release of the Obsessive Compulse Tournament Pack, there are 30 new levels to enjoy and we’re going to give away prizes to those who are the swiftest and the strongest.

The tournament begins NOW and rolls through May 7th at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time!



  • 1 I-pod Shuffle (1GB)+ $25 Itunes Gift Card
  • 2 Ball Revamped Squishy Balls
  • 25 stickers
  • A certificate to hang on the wall, indicating your elite skills
  • Something random we find in the office that will fit in the envelope

First Place (Runner-Up)

  • 1 I-pod Shuffle (1GB)
  • 2 Ball Revamped Squishy Balls
  • 25 stickers
  • A certificate to hang on the wall, indicating your elite skills
  • Something random we find in the office that will fit in the envelope

Second and Third Place

  • 2 Ball Revamped Squishy Balls
  • 25 Stickers

Fourth and Fifth Place

  • 1 Ball Revamped Squishy Ball
  • 10 stickers



1) Go play through the entire Obsessive Compulse Tournament Pack. Make sure you beat every level.

2) Go to the main menu and click “Generate Code.” Click the text box and hit CTRL-A to select all the text, and then CTRL-C to copy it.

3) Paste the text and your Armor Games user name into an email and send to john@armorgames.com by May 7th at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time. DO NOT PASTE IT INTO THIS BLOG POST.

PROTIP: You can enter as many times as you want but your best score will be the only score that counts. Please indicate if you are updating a score in your follow-up email. Please do not email me every day.

So there are some cool things we’ll be giving away, but of course you got to follow the rules:


Official Rules

  1. You must play using the “Obsessive Compulse” game found on armorgames.com, unmodified and in it’s current working condition.

  2. Your score will be posted to the Armor Blog a few days after the contest is over, so that you can see how you did.

  3. Any indication of cheating will be detected. Don’t do it. We have ways of finding out. We reserve the right to take away a prize in the case that cheating has a occurred (ask us if you are unsure what cheating is). We can verify your level designs via your code!

  4. The player with the lowest score with all levels completed will be the winner. In the case of a tie between multiple players the player who submitted their final best score first will be considered the winner.

  5. We will test your levels to ensure that they are actually legitimate.

  6. If you are outside the United States we will send you the cash equivalent.

  7. When copying your code make sure you select all and copy the entire code. If we do not receive an entire code we will email you back asking for one. A complete code is necessary to be officially entered (you can tell it’s the whole code because it begins with “<BEGIN CODE>” and ends with “<END CODE>”. Do not send us the codes generated on individual levels… send us the codes generated on the main menu screen!

  8. If there is an issue with the game file we may update it. Be aware that changes to the game file will be logged here. These changes will most likely not effect your current progress.
  9. If you have any questions feel free to ask in this thread or email me at John@armorgames.com!


So like I said, contest ends May 7th at 11:59 PM PST. Go at it!