RPG - Finishing Buying and Selling Side


I am at the halfway point of my RPG, and I am running ahead of schedule.  The game currently has 50 different cities spread across an entire continent, with a massive economic system based on several factors such as weather, climate, supply and demand, and technology.  This half of the game was extremely strenuous for me, but nonetheless interesting because I have never made a game like this before.  It’s fun when hard work results in something to be proud of.

The second half of the game will be focused on the traveling.  The game has two primary parts: trade and travel.  In order to get from one city to another, it requires traveling.  This makes the game a little more interesting  than just saying “I want to go here”.  There are many dangers and wonderful things that may happen on the road, and that is the part I am going to work on for the next two weeks.  Also, I am going to be working on the important goal of making an item synthesis section, which will allow you to create your own items based on using commodity goods.  This part should be interesting, because in order to give your character more power, you need to have a weapon and amass an army.

When I start getting closer to the battle engine, I’ll start to talk about that a bit more… but until then, it’s off to working on item customization!