Samarost 2

Continuing the IGF theme, I’m going to talk about one of my favourite web games. This game won Best Browser game in 2007.

Samarost 2!

Designed by Amanita Design (from the Czech Republic) the game mixes incredible artwork with simple point-and-click and physics based puzzles. Its a mixture between Creatures, Monkey Island and Where the Wild things are.

Yeah, you know that book. It has the same spooky alien feel, anyway.

The story is basically – man gets dog stolen, goes after dog, rescues dog, then on the way home gets stranded on another alien planet/shell/possibly living creature.

Its very satisfying to play. Instead the of the character interracting with the objects on screen, you simply use your cursor to play with everything you can see to manipulate the world around you. You might need the character to weigh something down, or carry something, or you might not. Its all part of the puzzle.

This game is a big inspiration to me! But the art is far beyond anything I could ever do. I don’t even know how they did it!