The Independant Games Festival

Hey folks. You know what the IGF is, right? every year independant game developers (wait, thats us!) compete to win fame and glory at the Independant Games Festival. Tom and I entered last year with BR’s Climate Chaos. We got through the first stage, but our judge couldn’t understand what the characters were saying to each other so he didn’t complete the game! Ohhh what a shame, right?

Anyway I’m sure we’re going to enter again this year. Maybe we’ll do a little better?

The due date for 2009 entries is the 1st of November (2008) so get to work, guys! How awesome would it be to have one of our own win this thing? 😛

Last years winner was Crayon Physics Deluxe from Kloonigames. They won $20,000 too! (I wouldn’t mind that…)

These are the awards:

Seumas McNally Grand Prize ($20,000)
Excellence In Visual Art ($2,500)
Excellence In Audio ($2,500)
Excellence in Design ($2,500)
Innovation Award ($2,500)
Technical Excellence ($2,500)
Audience Award ($2,500)

Man I’d be thrilled with any of those…if Tom Fulp can do it…