Sentry Knight Tactics Thunderclap

Sentry Knight Tactics Thunderclap

On October 4th, Sentry Knight Tactics arrives on Steam. If you’ve enjoyed the free Flash Sentry Knight games, Sentry Knight Tactics is crafted with all the same passion, care, and splatterable slime baddies you’ve come to expect.

To help make this launch a success, we’ve started a Thunderclap campaign for Sentry Knight Tactics! Thunderclap allows people to sign up to automatically post an announcement on a certain date on their social media accounts.

By throwing your support in with Sentry Knight Tactics this way, Thunderclap will automatically make a one time only post on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr (or all three!) with your authorization on October 4th to help spread the news.

We hope you’ll consider checking it out and adding it to your library, or helping us spread the word to support indie games like these and the people who make them, and help us keep delivering more games like this to your computer and your browser for years to come.

Want to support Armor Games and the indie developers we publish? Sentry Knight Tactics, a challenging and charming real-time strategy game by the creators of the hit Flash series, is now available on Steam. Check it out!

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