Soda Dungeon Now on Steam!

Soda Dungeon Now on Steam!

Thirsty for some desktop-based adventure? Rejoice, traveler, because Soda Dungeon, the addictive casual RPG enjoyed by millions on iTunes and Google Play, is now available free on Steam! Soda Dungeon on Steam shares all of the same content and gameplay of its mobile counterparts, though there are no ads whatsoever in the Steam version. Want to support Armor Games? You can opt to pay for the game’s upgrades with real cash, though everything in the game is earnable without spending.

Been playing Soda Dungeon on mobile? Don’t want to start all over again on your desktop? Well, good news! The Steam version introduces the save file transfer system, which is currently in Beta, and we hope to have available on Android and iOS by the end of the month. With it, you’ll be able to upload and download your game to your various devices to play on the go or relaxed at your computer.

Soda Dungeon

If you’ve never tried Soda Dungeon before, there’s no time like the present. Free to play without any annoying timers or pay to win aspects, Soda Dungeon is all about filling your tavern full of things and soda types to attract powerful heroes whom you’ll then use to raid the massive nearby dungeon filled with monsters… and of course, powerful equipment and lots and lots of treasure.

Combat can be played like a classic turn-based RPG, or set to “auto” so you can kick back, relax, and let your soda schmucksIMEAN soda heroes do all the hard work while you collect the rewards. It’s simple to pick up but hard to put down, and millions of players have already knocked back a few with it. We hope you enjoy the game, and help us spread the word.

Get Soda Dungeon on iTunes, Steam, or Google Play, check out Soda Dungeon’s official press kit, visit the official website and Reddit community, follow the official Twitter account, and follow Armor Games on Twitter and Facebook.