Soda Dungeon Update Available!

Soda Dungeon Update Available!

It’s time to belly up to the bar for another round, because Soda Dungeon‘s latest update has arrived for iOS and Android. The addictive dungeon-crawling hack-and-slash RPG sim by Afro-Ninja Productions (and published by your very own Armor Games) just got even bigger with version 1.2.0 that brings a whole case full of new carbonated happiness. A new class? New dungeon? Sweet, sweet new loot?

Awwwww yeah.

Soda Dungeon

Get Soda Dungeon on iTunes and Google Play. Here’s the full changelog for you to guzzle down:

    – Lair of Despair added- Available after level 150.
    – Contains 25 new mythic rare items!
    – New class: The Shifter!
    – Can now revive party by watching an ad (Once per trip, every 2 hours)
    – Upgrade for customizing soda taps.
    – Low Power Mode (beta)
    – Smarter liquidate function.
    – Clarified text for some premium purchases.
    – Banner ads auto-close when boss dialogue appears.
    – Fixed bugs involving screen shake, gold drops, and item compendium.
    – Discord icon added to title screen.

If you’ve never tried Soda Dungeon before, there’s no time like the present. Free to play without any annoying timers or pay to win aspects, Soda Dungeon is all about filling your tavern full of things and soda types to attract powerful heroes whom you’ll then use to raid the massive nearby dungeon filled with monsters… and of course, powerful equipment and lots and lots of treasure. It’s simple to pick up but hard to put down, and millions of players have already knocked back a few with it. We hope you enjoy this update and check it out, and help us spread the fantastically fizzy news.

For more on Soda Dungeon, visit the official site, join the community on Reddit, and follow Soda Dungeon on Twitter. Soda Dungeon is available free on iTunes and Google Play.