Sonny Releasing 1/12/2017

Sonny Releasing 1/12/2017

**UPDATE** Like Sonny? Sonny 2017 is now available on iTunes for $2.99!

That’s right. After years of hard work, Sonny releases on January 12th, 2017, for $2.99 on iOS. The cult-hit RPG series has been reimagined, featuring familiar faces and places, and an all-new story for one epic adventure. It’s not a port. It’s not a remake. It’s not a remastering. It’s a game that will fight you every step of the way, with bigger and meaner challenges, and that’s exactly how we like it.

Developed by Krin Jaungbhanich with art by Jet Kimchrea and an original soundtrack by David Orr, Sonny is proudly published by Armor Games Studios. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the release of Sonny and help us spread the news, and of course, let us know what other platforms you would like Sonny to come to.

Sonny is a challenging turn-based strategy RPG that begins with its titular hero coming back from the dead. With no memories to guide him and enemies at every turn, Sonny sets out to discover the truth… and maybe save the world in the process. As the story unfolds through beautiful graphic novel-style cutscenes, players will guide Sonny and his team against enemies both bizarre and dangerous.

With new skills and mechanics to master, tactical combat against new foes in new locations that will test you, and a brand new story with twists and surprises for fans and newcomers alike, Sonny is an engaging and complex RPG that will keep you hooked. Who can you trust? And will you survive?



For more on Sonny, check out Sonny’s official press kit, check of the official Sonny Launch Trailer, visit Sonny on Indie DB, follow the official Sonny Twitter account, and follow Armor Games on Twitter and Facebook.