Stand Laster

ArmorBlog readers, Chris of Con Artists Productions. Chris of Con Artists Productions, ArmorBlog readers. Introductions aside, lets get down to the business.

Almost a year after the release of the first game, I’m more than happy to announce that The Last Stand 2: Stand Laster has been in production for 5 months and is nearing being ready for release.

GlendaleLast Stand 2 - Whistlers GroveLast Stand 2 - Weapons

The game has a number of features that I really wanted to include in the first game but due to a lack of time and sufficient programming knowledge, I had to put them aside. Here’s a brief rundown of what to expect:

Features include:

  • New zombie types – They’re getting smarter
  • New dynamic difficulty setting – No more Mr.EasyGame
  • New search mechanic – You choose the buildings to search
  • New weapons – 5 new weapons, all different from one another
  • Explosives – Variety of things that go boom
  • Traps – Bear traps, Explodable gas cylinders & Landmines
  • Ability to give survivors most weapons you’ve found to use themselves!
  • Multiple and varied locations, travel across the state
  • New graphics/effects – Guns have been overhauled, blood particles etc

It will be out before GTA IV. If it’s not, we’re in trouble because I just don’t see the my game coming out on top in a bout against everyone’s desire to rampage through New York as an eastern European underworld figure.

The game will be released on Armor Games in the next few weeks, so keep your eye out.