Tainted Kingdom And Sonny 2

Hey guys, what’s up?

Tainted Kingdom is finally here on ArmorGames! You can check it out here:

Play Tainted Kingdom Now!

Tainted Kingdom is a Fantasy Strategy game with 10 Missions you can play. You can send out Knights, Hunters, Priests, or swift Horse-men. You can heal your units, build defensive towers, and choose where to expand your base, and how you manage your resources and upgrade your units. The game comes with fully animated and voiced cut-scenes for all your story-telling needs 😀 It’s quite difficult to beat, and it’s even harder to get all the Trophies, so there’s a big challenge waiting for you in there, I hope you enjoy it! 😀


Now, people keep asking me this question: “Where is Sonny 2!?”

Answer is: It’s on its way! We’ve been working slowly on it for a while now, but since Tainted Kingdom is done, we’re about to start going full speed on Sonny 2. It’s going to be a lot bigger than the first. We plan to have three different classes, but this time each class will have its own Ability Tree, and so thats 3 times more possible character builds than Sonny 1!

I can’t disclose a lot more information about it yet, except that most of your suggestions, complaints, etc. will be taken into consideration so we can improve the experience. We’re planning to improve AI drastically, and add a movement system and non linear game-play.

My aim is to make this game improve on each aspect of the original by double. Because it’s Sonny-2, so it’s got to be 2 times as good. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

ttyl guys 😀
<3 Krin

PS: Before you ask me silly questions, no, Sonny did not have a sex-change. That’s another character in the picture 😀