Strike Force Heroes Mobile


**UPDATE: Well, we were joking.  But it looks like Strike Force Heroes Mobile is going to be a real thing. Awesome!

The fine fellows at Sky9 Games have announced they will be releasing the full experience of Strike Force Heroes 2 for your iPhone and iPad. Check out the features below and pre-order the HD version and prepare for epic battles…



  • Multiple control schemes (normal, and reverse)
  • 64 player multiplayer
  • Items purchasable with real money
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Joomla, MySpace, Linked’in, Digg, Reddit, Yahoo, AOL
  • In-game ads so you know the latest hot games!
  • Story redone to appeal to a more casual audience (the Heroes need to learn the meaning of friendship)
  • After 12 hours of play, game becomes self aware and may attempt to terminate it’s owner

Get it for only $19, or buy the HD version with an additional 8% more pixels for only $59.  Coming Spring 2016.

Pre-order the Standard Version or the HD Version today!