Sushi Cat: StoryCraft (April Fools)

**April Fools Day Everybody! ~~ Thanks for those that played along with our little blue kitten joke. Did you feed Sushi Cat lots of sushi and veggies? We’ll be giving out one-time Quests, consider this fair warning. :)**

Enter a sandbox world of endless possibilities. Play with friends, collect sushi, explore huge levels and build anything you can imagine! After almost a year in development we are proud to announce “Sushi Cat: StoryCraft World Creator“, an online world of unlimited potential.

Explore a beautiful universe of sushi, monsters, mining, building and crafting. Trade with other players to amass a fortune, explore vast deserts and deep oceans or build a castle made entirely of sushi – the choice is yours! Be whoever you want to be in a world where your only limitation is your imagination.

Note: We know some users are experiencing longer than normal load times. Please be patient, the load will only happen the first time you play the game. It’s worth the wait.







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