Easter Egg Hunt (Solution)

**NOTE: This contest is now over, winners are posted in comments!**

For Easter Weekend we’ve assembled a bunch of dazzling colored eggs and hidden them around Armor Games. Below are clues to find each one, but then the true puzzle begins. Be the first to uncover the secret of our Easter Eggs and we’ll send you an special prize bundle including some Armor Games swag. 10 runners-up will be get a premium content of their choice and a Merit!

Remember, you can work together – but that may decrease your odds of winning the big prize. 🙂

Clues/Locations (linked):

  • Silver Egg – “Here you will find exciting adventures that will challenge the bravest of Knights.
  • Striped Egg – “Found where a hatched hero comes to save the day.
  • Purple Egg – “Here you are the lord and master of a great spire.”
  • Black Egg – “The darkest, sharpest secret of the Kingdom.
  • Orange Egg – “Pressing through vast eras, you have transcended reality. Your reward: to do it all again.
  • Gold Egg – “Upon a mighty throne, this egg is under golden gilding.
  • Pink Egg – “There are a thousand reasons this place should be held accountable.
  • Blue Egg – “Find this hallway filled with legends of the just and worthy.”
  • Polka Dot Egg – “Where to feed your gaming appetite… om-click-nom-click-nom! MOAR!
  • White Egg – “The assassin guild’s best friend when discretion is key.
  • Rainbow Egg – “The notes of this trumpet tremble and tumble into the ears of a few.
  • Green Egg – “When in peril, call for aide and face thyne enemy together!
  • Red Egg – “The royal aviary, cawing from every branch.

Correctly listed, the egg letters…


And read top to bottom, “The Real Easter Bunny is Gantic“.

Thanks to @spaceskeleton for the Easter Bunny art, and @MrDayCee for his egg art!