TBA Launches! Pun intended!

TBA Screenshot 4Man, not much time between game releases. But TBA is here!

“TBA” doesn’t stand for anything. It started as a joke on the front page of my old website, when I left the “Next Game” notice to “TBA” and people started asking me what kind of game “TBA” is. I just left it that way, and the game is being released as such!

The game is simple, requiring only one button! Just hit the space bar to work your away around the screen. As you get further into the game, you’ll encounter much more difficult arrangements and goal puzzles.

There are 25 levels to keep you amused. To keep you even more satisfied, there are par times to meet on each level and random, useless trivia to keep you going.

I went back to my old style for this one. ZeRo-BaSs is back for Atomic Trigger 3, the theme to the game. The particles are running rampant. The colors are explosive, and there’s ton of clouds. So if you were depressed by Dark Cut 2 (which I hope you weren’t), you’ll love the fall back to my old style.

So enjoy! This eight day project was definitely a breeze, hopefully you’ll enjoy it :). -John

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