AGI GameSave Feature Maintenance

Our GameSave feature will be receiving an update this week. We are migrating our GameSave data to a new, more scalable structure. During this time flash games that store data to the AGI GameSave will see this data as missing. This means that end users not be able to access their in game progress and/or content during this upgrade process. Once the migration is complete, all data will return back to normal.

This process will begin this evening (Monday, December 20) and may take up to several days to complete the full migration. We will keep users updated if this schedule changes. In the mean time if there are any questions or issues please contact us on Get Satisfaction.

UPDATE 3: Migration complete!

UPDATE 2: First pass at migration is complete. Most users should see their game saves return. There were a few errors that could affect a few users and we will be re-importing them tomorrow.

UPDATE 1: The initial switch has been made. From here on out new data saves will save and retrieve fine. Old data saves will be missing during this migration period. Here are the games affected:

Railroad Shunting Puzzle
Neon Rider World
Lightbot 2.0
Battle Sector
Crush the Castle 2
Corporation Inc
Exit Path
Rolling Fall

What is the AGI?
The AGI (Armor Games Interface) is a suite of software tools that allow game developers to enhance their games with features such as User Authentication, High Scores, GameShare and GameSave.

What is GameSave?
GameSave is a specific feature of the AGI that allows developers to store data within their games to Armor Games servers. This allows members of Armor Games to login to a flash game and have their progress saved and recalled on any computer. It is a cross browser alternative to the Flash “Local Shared Object” system.