Top 5 Sci-Fi Games

Much like their narrative counterparts, the games of this genre often find themselves focusing on an imagined future of scientific or technological marvel. We’ve compiled some of our highest rated and top performing Sci-Fi titles here for you, to enjoy. Take a look when you get a moment!


In this idle-strategy optimization game, you are tasked with a simple yet grandiose goal: To build your own space empire. You begin like any other, with an Earth-like planet, resources and a dream. Build your way upwards, off the planet and into the starry-sky that lays before you; colonizing new planets, forging new connections or fighting alien civilizations. Your empire awaits you in, Heart of Galaxy: Horizons.


Image result for ancient planet tD

Play as the final bastion of an ancient civilization, a planet of galactic wisdom is under siege from alien armies. Using powerful technology unseen for a millennia over, do you have what it takes to defend the planets secrets? Fifteen unique levels along with an endless mode await you in SJabberywocky’s Ancient Planet!


You are a unit commander waging battle within the Enigmata Stellar War. Using the building materials and the slots provided, create your space-worthy vessel to lead you and your troops to victory! Play through the campaign or battle with others in this thrilling ship-building battle arena game by KidGamez!


Scriptwelder’s point-and-click adventure returns in the third installment of the series. Here you find yourself within the atmospheric nightmare of a seemingly abandoned space-station; the only goal being to disobey the title. A delightful pixelated style, innovative puzzles and an expansive story-line cements Don’t Escape 3 as a heavy-hitter within the franchise. Will you be the one who escapes?


The Final Earth returns in its sequel of similar name; Earth has become unlivable, you have tasked yourself with gathering resources, building a new colony and researching new ways towards a better future. Starting with just a few citizens, watch as your your colonies grow, as buildings rise to meet the sky before it. And when the sky gets too close, break through and fly to other worlds and begin the process anew. With Flori9’s The Final Earth 2, can you be the planets final savior?

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